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Founding Designer

London or San Francisco


Competitive salary

Our product

  • We write code that writes code. Our tools are generally Golang and Typescript. We use LLMs where possible to super charge our product experience.
  • The code that we generate ends up as GitHub Open Source Repositories for SDKs of our customer’s API, Terraform Providers and other developer surfaces. We build virality through stamping these repositories that we produce with “Powered By Speakeasy”. We call these Managed SDKs .
  • Our primary DX is a CLI. We have a web interface (React, Typescript, Golang) to help show state.
  • We have a website, docsite and blog built off of NextraJS (NextJS), MDX, Typescript and React.

Why we're excited

  • Our customers love us and promote us online.
  • This is a opportunity with a Massive TAM. Every REST API everywhere
  • We have high revenue per customer, very significant virality and natural means for product distribution.
  • We build cool stuff that is super useful for our customers.
  • We power the first experience an end user has when interacting with an API.

About us

  • We're a tight night group of 10 who care deeply about developer experience and driving value for our customers.
  • We’re looking for polyglots, who can understand and support customers in whatever language and technology they use to build and integrate API products – the more languages, the better.
  • Our team is founded on the principle of context over control. We ship code quickly and continuously to production, and trust each other to exercise autonomy to evolve our product and processes to ever-better match our company goals.
  • We believe that in-person collaboration is strategically important for a company at our stage, while also recognising that amazing team members can be found anywhere. To balance the two, there are no constraints on employee location, but we do meet up and spend a week together roughly every quarter.
  • We're backed by top-tier VCs and a bench of angel investors who occupy leadership positions at key software engineering firms. We’re based in San Francisco and London, and are looking to hire remote-first in the US or UK with a preference for PST and GMT time zones.

Our Values

  • Autonomy, over Consensus
  • We trust individuals to make decisions, own the outcomes, and gather data from others where appropriate
  • Execution, over Perfection
  • We prioritise and execute. We don’t over-analyse, and are comfortable moving ahead despite ambiguity
  • Transparency, over Illusion
  • We are ambitious in our goals, but honest about our progress. We don’t shy away from asking questions or pushing back when something doesn’t make sense
  • Through customer value our ego is lost
  • We make decisions by focussing relentlessly on customer value — and accept if this means changing our individual ideas. Customer success is team success.

About you

  • Have experience working on developer products
  • You care deeply about creating best in class developer and user experience. You have a point of view on what great UX means for developers
  • You are looking to own design holistically for a company. This means brand design, product design, website design, content and more.
  • You bring your designs into reality by taking Figma designs to workable sites and components. You are proficient with Typescript, React and CSS
  • Have experience working on design for multiple surface products. Our product has a CLI, a UX, and a Github app.

You might be a good fit if you …

  • Are comfortable navigating ambiguous requirements. Your create your own requirements based on customer conversations and user feedback.
  • Have experience working on internal platform products , developer tools, developer productivity or cloud infrastructure products at scale.
  • You have a point of view on what makes great developer experience
  • Enjoy shipping often and iterating closely with a development team
  • Bonus: Expertise with concepts like OpenAPI, API tooling and Github configuration.